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Known as an "experience industry influencer," where focus is on innovative connections.

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Hi, I’m Shaena!

I'm a Professional Wing Woman and the driving force behind my company, Tjena.

What is a Professional Wing Woman?

Think of me as your networking concierge. I not only accompany clients to events to help them network effectively—whether it's to find jobs, clients, funding, or talent...not love though, only business love—but I also take a hands-on approach to education.

Through speaking engagements and interactive workshops, I share valuable insights and strategies on networking, empowering professionals to build meaningful connections in their industry.

In addition to these services, I teach courses on networking and facilitate offline connections across various professional objectives.

Whether you're looking to expand your professional network, seeking new opportunities, or aiming to enhance your networking skills, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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Tjena’s Launch Party

Unleash was an opportunity to bring people together and unleash their creativity within while also connecting on a deeper level.
This was the result.

How to Elevate Your Networking Efforts

Explore a fresh approach to networking that goes beyond exchanging contacts—it's about building real, lasting relationships. As your keynote speaker, I’ll show you how to turn networking into a powerful tool to not only seek but also create opportunities for others.

Tjena’s vision

Revolutionising professional networking by centring on authentic, human connections.
The goal is to be the top business connection service in the Nordics, Europe, and beyond, prioritising genuine relationships for business success.


Human-Centric Networking

Redefining networking by prioritising genuine human connections over traditional, impersonal interactions. Aiming to create an environment where relationships flourish naturally.


Innovative Networking Approach

Departing from the outdated "exchange business cards and hope for callbacks" model, introducing innovative methods to foster meaningful connections.


Distinguished Networking Platform

Aspiring to be the foremost service in The Nordics, Europe and beyond, focusing on becoming the go-to platform for professionals seeking authentic and fruitful networking experiences.


Streamlined, Result-Oriented Approach

Forging connections through focused and powerful approaches. The goal; to streamline the process of creating authentic connections that yield substantial outcomes.


Nurturing Professional Relationships

Emphasising the importance of nurturing professional relationships beyond initial interactions, aiming to create lasting and impactful connections among professionals.


Elevating Networking Standards

With a mission to raise the bar in networking practices, seeking to set a new standard where networking is personal, effective, and, most importantly, human-centered.

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