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You need to network with the movers and shakers, snag those leads, and scoop up top talent.

But let me guess:

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No clue where these connections are hiding?
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Can’t seem to kick off conversations that actually matter?
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You're sinking time and money into events, but the return on investment? It's just not there.
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Feeling swamped by the never-ending networking circus?
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Unsure about how to sell yourself or your product without sounding like a sales pitch?

Time to flip the script and skyrocket your business!

Transform Your Networking
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Strategic Networking

With a Wing Person at your side, master Strategic Networking at events: facilitating key relationships and making impactful impressions for professional success.

The CEO of Ventla connected with 52 new individuals at TechBBQ in Copenhagen with Tjena, leading to a fruitful business collaboration with Gothenburg Tech Week. This is just one example of the powerful outcomes facilitated by strategic networking.

Adopting a personalised approach, first understanding your unique networking goals. Then, strategically attending events with you, guiding interactions and introductions to ensure you meet the right people and make a lasting impression.

This service is ideal for event marketers, sales and marketing teams, and professionals eager to expand their network. If you're looking to forge meaningful connections that drive business growth, this is for you.

Working with a Wing Woman means you're not just attending events; you're strategically networking. Having a Wing Woman's expertise in people and communication dynamics maximises your chances of making valuable connections, saving you time and enhancing your professional image

Humanising Outreach

In a world where sales often feel like a numbers game, the art of personalisation has taken a back seat. At Tjena, we believe it’s time to put the human element back at the forefront of sales. Here’s how we re-humanise the process, particularly focusing on LinkedIn, where real connections can drive real results.

Ventla's sales team experienced a revolutionary shift with our Connect Method. Instead of blasting generic messages, we focused on crafting personalised LinkedIn content that spoke directly to their diverse audience. This approach significantly increased meaningful interactions and led to deeper connections with their target market, turning cold contacts into engaged conversations.

We start by diving deep into understanding the unique strengths and perspectives of each salesperson. Our strategy revolves around developing personalised content that reflects individual identities and values. This isn't just about posting regularly; it's about sharing stories and insights that resonate on a human level, fostering genuine interactions and building trust.

This approach is designed for sales professionals and teams who are tired of the impersonal "spray and pray" tactics that dominate digital sales. It’s perfect for those who want to stand out on LinkedIn by being genuinely engaging and building a network based on quality, not just quantity.

Choosing Tjena means you’re ready to transform your LinkedIn strategy from impersonal to impactful. Our expertise in personal branding and strategic content creation ensures your online presence is not only visible but truly influential. We help you craft a LinkedIn persona that attracts, engages, and converts by emphasising the human behind the profile.

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Workshops & Keynotes

Connecting Humans: Experience engaging talks and workshops by Tjena, on creating meaningful connections in business and life.

At Gothenburg Tech Week, Shaena led the opening fireside chat, captivating the audience with her insights on navigating crises and the ethos of a Wing Person – to uplift fellow entrepreneurs and facilitate meaningful connections. This approach engaged participants on an unprecedented level, introducing a novel and dynamic way of networking. The impact was profound, transforming the event into a hub of interactive and supportive networking, and setting a new standard for professional gatherings.

Inspire combines interactive workshops and public speaking engagements focused on the art of human connection. These sessions are designed to be engaging and insightful, drawing on Tjena's vast network of experienced content creators, presenters, moderators, workshoppers, and facilitators. Content is tailored to resonate with your specific audience and organisational needs.

This service is ideal for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their team's communication and networking skills, or for events seeking knowledgeable and engaging speakers. It's perfect for those who want to inspire their audience and provide them with valuable, actionable insights.

Choosing Tjena for your workshops and speaking engagements means accessing a diverse pool of talent and expertise. Our unique approach not only educates but also connects participants with a wider professional network, enriching their personal and professional growth.

Connecting Leads

Streamlining networking, from managing introductions to identifying leads on LinkedIn and at events, making the process simpler and time-efficient.

Karim's business experienced a remarkable transformation through Tjena's expertise. Consistently introducing him to ideal target clients at just the right time, accelerating his conversion process significantly. With Tjena's help, deals that would normally take months to close were completed much faster. These strategic introductions have effectively reduced Karim's closing time by several folds, demonstrating the profound impact of Tjena's service on accelerating business success.

This approach involves deep research into your business and target market. Then leveraging extensive networks to make offline, real-world introductions, creating opportunities for direct engagement with potential leads. This method ensures more personalized and impactful connections.

This service is perfect for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and businesses looking to establish direct connections with potential clients or partners outside of event settings. It's tailored for those seeking a more hands-on, targeted approach to networking.

Engaging a Wing Woman for connecting leads means tapping into a wealth of networking experience and contacts. Doing the groundwork to bring you face-to-face with key individuals, enhancing your networking efficiency and the quality of your business relationships.

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Networking Coaching

Tailored to your unique needs, Tjena's Networking Coaching hones your connection skills. Gain confidence, make strategic connections, and advance your career or business goals.

A recent client, Emilie, transformed her networking approach through this coaching. Initially hesitant to engage at professional events, she gained confidence and skills to effectively network, leading to a key partnership that significantly advanced her career.

The Networking Coaching service centres on personal development and strategic interaction skills. It starts with assessing the current networking style, identifying areas for improvement, and then tailoring a coaching program to enhance networking effectiveness. This process includes practice sessions, real-world applications, and continuous feedback.

This service is well-suited for professionals at any career stage, or businesses aiming to grow and enhance their networking skills. It caters to a wide range of individuals, from new graduates and seasoned professionals seeking network expansion, to those transitioning into new industries, providing guidance and building confidence in their networking abilities.

Working with Tjena gives you access to expert insights and proven networking strategies. This personalised approach ensures that you develop not just the skills but also the mindset to network with purpose and confidence. Helping you build meaningful connections that can propel your career and/or business forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Wing Person?

As Professional Wing People, we assist individuals at networking events and professional gatherings, helping with introductions, kick-starting conversations, and establishing meaningful professional connections. Our team is here to ensure you make the most of every event by connecting you with the right people and opportunities.

Why team up with a Professional Wing Person for your sales and marketing endeavours?

Imagine this: With your Wing Person at events, you effortlessly navigate networking, infusing a personal touch into outreach. We're not just your companion; we humanise interactions, boost your event presence, and foster genuine connections that fuel sales.

What services does a Professional Wing Person offer?

Services include personalised networking strategies, introduction facilitation at events, conversation support, and post-event follow-up advice.

Is a Professional Wing Person service suitable for introverts?

Absolutely! Our service is tailored to benefit everyone, whether you're an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert. We help you navigate social settings more comfortably and effectively, adapting our approach to match your personal networking style and energy level.

How do I prepare for a session with my Wing Person?

Before we begin, please share your sales targets and professional interests. If you're unsure about the specifics, don't worry—we'll ask targeted questions to clarify your goals. This information allows us to tailor our approach specifically to your needs, whether you're looking to boost sales, find top talent, secure a new job, or explore other professional opportunities. Our team is here to strategise and support you in achieving these objectives effectively.

Can a Professional Wing Person help if I'm new to an industry?

Whether your new to your industry of have been around for some time, a Wing Person is here to help you navigate your networks, offering guidance and introductions that are crucial for either establishing a foothold or re-engaging with your connections.

What makes your Professional Wing Person service unique?

Tjena is all about a personalised approach, deep understanding of various industries, and a commitment to fostering authentic, long-lasting professional relationships.

How can I book a session with a Professional Person Woman?

A session can be booked through the website, directly on LinkedIn, or for more information and to discuss specific networking goals, direct contact is always welcome.

Do you work internationally?

Services are available internationally, catering to clients from various parts of the world. This ensures that networking expertise and support are accessible globally.

What do your services cost?

The investment for Tjena services varies depending on the project. Offering a range of pricing models, including project fees, hourly fees, or retainer fees, these are tailored to meet the specific needs and scope of each project.

This is so cool, can I be a Wing Person? What qualities do I need?

We're seeking natural superconnectors who thrive in social settings and love meeting people. If you're often told "you know everyone" and your curiosity and energy come alive in social events, connect with Tjena. Reach out to book a meeting with us!

Do you do romance?

Unfortunately not! Only business romance.

Ready to buzz the tower with me?

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