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Genuine Business Connections

Imagine having your own "Wing Person", a master of networking, who effortlessly guides you through events, ensuring you connect with the right people. Beyond just mingling, Tjena arms you with tailored 1:1 networking coaching and creative project guidance, sparking fresh ideas and strategic insights.

Tjena isn’t just about networking; it’s about redefining connections for impactful, lasting professional relationships.

We call this "Human Connection as a Service"

What a Wing Person is and why should you have one?

Imagine having a friend at every BUSINESS OR PROFESSIONAL networking event, someone who knows just who you should meet and how to introduce you. That's what a Wing Person does. They make networking simple, fun, and really effective.

Navigating a room full of strangers can be daunting, but with a Wing Person, it becomes a breeze. Here’s why choosing a Wing Person can transform your networking experience.

A Wing Person isn’t just a networking aid; they’re your personal ally in creating a network that's as effective as it is authentic.

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Ease the Awkwardness:

Feel intimidated by the thought of approaching new people? Let your Wing Person take the lead. They'll smoothly handle introductions, breaking the ice and easing any initial awkwardness.


Meet the Right People:

Networking can sometimes feel like a game of chance, but it doesn't have to be. Your Wing Person is skilled at connecting you with individuals who align with your professional goals and interests, turning random encounters into strategic opportunities.


Build Real Relationships:

The goal isn’t just to expand your contact list; it’s about forging genuine, meaningful connections. With a Wing Person, you're not just collecting business cards – you're building relationships that have the potential to grow and last.

How Tjena helps

At Tjena, we're committed to enriching your professional networking experience with a suite of tailored services designed to fit your unique needs:

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Event Support with a Wing Person

Navigate events effortlessly with a Wing Person at your side. Assisting you in making strategic connections, turning every event you attend into a productive and comfortable experience.

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Ideal for event marketers and event producers
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Ideal for sales teams
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Ideal for marketing teams
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Ideal for individuals expanding their network

Offline Professional Matchmaking

Connecting you with relevant professionals in your field, facilitating introductions and meetings that can lead to lasting business relationships and collaborations.

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Ideal for entrepreneurs
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Ideal for sales professionals
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Ideal for businesses establishing direct connections with clients or partners

Professional Workshops

Participate in Tjena's interactive workshops for group learning. These sessions provide valuable networking strategies and a chance to practice skills in a supportive group setting.

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Ideal for teams seeking improved communication and networking
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Ideal for events needing knowledgeable, engaging speakers

Event Consultancy

Working closely with event professionals and producers to embed human connection into your gatherings. Our expertise ensures your event is not only successful but also fosters genuine, impactful interactions among attendees.

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Ideal for event Producers
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Ideal for experience design Professionals
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Ideal for corporate leaders

Personalised Coaching

Boost your networking savvy with one-on-one coaching. Tailored to your specific needs, these sessions refine your skills and boost your confidence in various professional scenarios.

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Ideal for professionals at any career stage
that wish to improve their networking

“A Wing Person has your back the same way Maverick had Goose’s back. As your Wing Person, I help you make your experience a vibrant success, bubbling with conversations and potent business introductions – or I can help you find and form those truly genuine and valuable connections you need to scale your business, meet that new business partner, or maybe help you find that next hard-to-attract talent. I call this Human Connection as a Service.”

Shaena Harrison
Founder & Professional Wing Woman

Shaena announcing Wing Person

Client’s happy voices

I love my clients and I love when my clients get true value from the human connections and experiences we create together.

Picture of Annsi Krol, CEO of Ventla

“By working with Shaena I have elevated my own pitching skills and confidence in networking and increased our leads generation substantially.”

Shaena is an invaluable part of the evolution of Ventla. She has not only supported our team with connections and communications coaching and support but she has been crucial for me as the CEO. By working with Shaena I have elevated my own pitching skills and confidence in networking and increased our leads generation substantially. Shaena is also an amazing sounding board for testing ideas, always giving her honest feedback, and adding potential angles and ideas for success.

Ann-Sofie ”Annsi” Krol
CEO at Ventla
Karim Parto
Founder of Jaapi portrait

“Shaena's services are an invaluable asset to any professional looking to expand their network efficiently and effectively.”

Shaena has been able to give warm introductions to people and companies that would otherwise be impossible for us to approach. Everything is done so naturally since Shaena never forces a match and always has your ICP in mind. Shaena has become our most valuable acquisition channel; we only hope she finds a way to clone herself.

Karim Parto
Founder of Jaapi
Simone French
Digital Workplace Transformation at Devoteam / Google Partner

"Shaena's remarkable knack for crafting connections turned my aspirations into realities, seamlessly aligning me with an ideal position through her insightful networking."

Simone French

Digital Workplace Transformation at Devoteam / Google Partner
Kaveri Sinhji
Head of DEI at Telia Company portrait

“Mastering the art of connection, Shaena stands out in the realm of networking. With a unique touch”

Shaena intuitively forges transformative links, turning unexpected moments into profound connections. Beyond a mere networker, she's an artisan of professional paths, elevating relationships beyond introductions. Her impact is vast.

Kaveri Sinhji
Head of DEI at Telia Company
Benjamin Kesler
Founder at Local Glimpse portrait

“Thanks to Shaena, I was able to develop authentic relationships and even genuine friendships”

One of the things I love about working with Shaena is her keen sense of business connections. When she introduces you to someone, you know it will provide real value. Thanks to her work, I had the opportunity to speak with leaders from companies such as Klarna, Oriflame, and Microsoft. Her approach is always intelligent and relevant. If you’re looking to accelerate your growth through genuine new contacts, she’s the person to turn to. Thanks to Shaena, I was able to develop authentic relationships and even genuine friendships, which played a part in my successful integration into Sweden’s business world.

Benjamin Kesler
Founder at Local Glimpse
Steve Usher
Co Founder at Wonder portrait

"Shaena has an innate ability to connect clients to the right person, at the right time and for the right reason, helping them achieve their networking and business goals.”

Shaena was instrumental in my journey; she introduced me to Shani, who became not just a contact but my invaluable business partner.

Steve Usher
Co Founder at Wonder

Tjena’s Launch Party

Unleash was an opportunity to bring people together and unleash their creativity within while also connecting on a deeper level. This was the result.

Ready to buzz the tower with me?

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